The Perfect Fold: Hotel staff meticulously fold the edges of the toilet paper roll into a pointed triangle, facilitating effortless sheet removal. This not only looks appealing but also signifies that the roll is fresh and untouched.

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A Hint of Moisture: A lightly dampened fold ensures the triangle maintains its shape and the sheets adhere slightly, preventing unraveling and maintaining a neat appearance.

Dry for Elegance: Allowing the moistened fold to dry solidifies its form, resulting in a polished look that elevates the functionality and aesthetic of the toilet paper roll.

Incorporate This Trick Into Your Routine

By adopting this luxury hotel method, you can enhance the cleanliness and visual appeal of your bathroom, mirroring the sophistication found in high-end accommodations. It’s a testament to how minor adjustments can significantly influence our daily environments, making even the most mundane aspects of home care feel special. Try this elegant, practical tip and transform your bathroom into a space that reflects the meticulousness and refinement of luxury living.