All Women Should Know These 7 Clove Tips

Cloves, with their distinctive brown hue and sun-dried hardness, have been celebrated for over two millennia, initially in Asia, for their potent medicinal and culinary qualities before gaining acclaim in medieval Europe as a prized spice alongside pepper.
In the modern era, cloves primarily fuel the production of Indonesian cigarettes, accounting for 95% of global usage. The clove tree itself is delicate, fruiting only after eight years and seldom flowering, as buds are harvested pre-bloom and dried till they adopt their characteristic brown color.

Soothing Digestive Aid

A simple clove infusion can alleviate various digestive discomforts, including stomach aches and bloating. Steep 4 or 5 cloves in boiling water for about ten minutes to prepare this soothing drink.

Natural Solution for Fresh Breath

Combat bad breath effectively by sucking on a clove post-meal. This not only ensures fresh breath but is also beneficial for dental health.

Dental Pain Relief

Clove’s eugenol content serves as an antiseptic, particularly useful for easing gum and tooth discomfort. Opt for an oil maceration or a tincture for mouthwash to minimize irritation, as advised by pharmacology experts.

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Muscle and Rheumatic Pain Relief through Massage

For those suffering from muscle, joint, or rheumatic pain, clove acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Combine about 10 drops of clove essential oil with 30 cl of a carrier oil like jojoba or sweet almond, and apply thrice daily to the affected areas for relief within 48 hours.

Preventive Measure Against Colds

Utilize clove essential oil’s antiviral and antibacterial properties to fend off flu, colds, and other winter infections. Ingest 1 to 2 drops mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil or dissolved on a piece of sugar under the tongue before meals, up to three times daily for a week.

Remedy for Urinary Infections and Kidney Stones

An infusion of cloves can provide relief from urinary infections. Enhance its effectiveness with a drop of lavender essential oil for a synergistic effect against cystitis. However, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare provider for such conditions.

Combat Hair Loss with Cloves

To address hair loss, infuse a few cloves in olive oil for two days before applying the mixture to your hair, leveraging cloves’ beneficial properties for stronger, healthier locks.

These insights reveal cloves as not merely a spice but a versatile ally in women’s wellness and self-care routines, offering natural solutions for a range of health and beauty concerns.

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