Combining bleach and salt might sound unconventional, but it’s a household cleaning hack that can lead to significant savings. This method, lesser-known among the vast array of DIY home cleaning solutions, has been spotlighted by cleaning professionals for its effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Let’s delve into why and how this combination works wonders for cleaning, especially in tackling tough stains and build-up.

Why Mix Bleach and Salt?

Salt: An excellent agent for addressing humidity, descaling, and deep cleaning, salt also has sanitizing properties that help preserve the natural condition of various surfaces around the house.
Floor Cleaner: Adding a dash of floor cleaner introduces a pleasant scent and enhances cleaning efficacy, making it suitable not just for floors but also for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
Bleach: The key ingredient in this trio, bleach, is renowned for its whitening, sanitizing, and deep-cleaning capabilities. When diluted and combined with other products, its potency is maximized, ensuring a thorough clean.
Crafting the Perfect Cleaning Solution


Salt (fine or coarse, based on preference)
1 glass of floor cleaner
1 glass of bleach


Preparation: Start by placing the salt in a mixing bowl. Add in the floor cleaner followed by the bleach, maintaining the ratio of 1 glass of floor cleaner to 1 glass of bleach.

Mixing: Stir the ingredients until they form a unified mixture. The result should be a potent cleaning solution that’s ready to tackle even the toughest stains.

Storage: Transfer the mixture into a container equipped with a dispenser for easy access and use. This solution is particularly effective for cleaning toilets, helping to eliminate persistent yellow stains.

Application for Toilet Cleaning

Yellow stains in the toilet bowl can be a nuisance, often resulting from limescale, wear, or the accumulation of dirt and grime. The bleach and salt solution acts powerfully against these stains, restoring the toilet’s original whiteness.

Use: Pour the solution into the toilet bowl, ensuring it covers all stained areas. For best results, let it sit for several hours or overnight, allowing the ingredients to work their magic.

Cleaning: After the solution has had time to settle, scrub the bowl with a toilet brush and flush. For ongoing cleanliness and stain prevention, repeat this process weekly.

This simple yet effective cleaning hack not only promises a sparkling clean toilet but also contributes to household savings by leveraging inexpensive and readily available ingredients. Always remember to use bleach with caution, ensuring proper ventilation and protective gear to avoid any adverse reactions.

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