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Start by removing both ends of the bananas without peeling them, and cut the fruit into pieces about two fingers thick. You’ll need one or more glass jars (approximately 700 ml) and add the following ingredients in this order: a bay leaf, two cloves of garlic or two cloves, two slices of chili pepper (previously cut), a teaspoon of coriander seeds, a teaspoon of dill seeds, and a teaspoon of mixed pepper (including white, black, green, pink pepper, and allspice).

Next, place the banana pieces into the jar (you should fit about a dozen in the specified jar size) along with another two or three slices of chili pepper. Add a teaspoon of sugar, one and a half teaspoons of salt, a teaspoon of 70% vinegar, and a bit of hot water.

Finalizing the Preservation:

Before adding these ingredients, it’s crucial to sterilize the jars properly. This involves using a lot of hot water. Place a piece of fabric inside to protect the contents, ensuring they don’t come into direct contact with the jar’s potentially sharp edges. After filling the jars with all the ingredients, seal them tightly to prevent air from entering and store them in a cool place for up to two years.

Sterilization Process:

After the necessary time has passed, dry the jars thoroughly, seal them hermetically to ensure no air enters, and place them in a cool location. This method promises to keep your bananas fresh and ready to enjoy for an extended period, significantly reducing waste and providing a reliable source of this nutritious fruit.