These are so divine! Love how quick they are to make!

There’s an undeniable charm in beginning your day with a homemade, heartening meal. It’s like reliving a cherished tradition, but with a health-conscious twist. Our recipe today marries the simplicity of the past with contemporary wellness: Low Carb Egg Bites with bacon and gruyere cheese. Picture this: fluffy eggs with a velvety texture, mingled with crispy bacon, all nestled in the rich embrace of gruyere cheese. It’s a delightful morning treat, offering comfort without the weightiness often associated with traditional breakfasts. These egg bites, a nod to French cuisine, have been adapted for an easy, on-the-go breakfast or a leisurely brunch in your backyard oasis.
While these egg bites are a treat by themselves, pairing them with a lightly dressed salad can add a fresh, vibrant touch to your meal. A hot cup of coffee or tea, along with a spoonful of fresh salsa or a light hollandaise drizzle, can transform this meal into a celebration of old and new traditions.
Low Carb Egg Bites Recipe
Servings: About 6 servings, with two egg bites each.

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