Throw 1 pinch of cinnamon on the ground – the trick that has worked for decades.

Cinnamon, a spice celebrated for its warm, sweet aroma and multitude of health benefits, holds a secret power beyond enhancing your favorite dishes—it can also be a natural and effective way to keep ants at bay in your home. This simple trick, which has been utilized for decades, leverages cinnamon’s strong scent to create a safe and eco-friendly ant repellent. Here’s why incorporating a pinch of cinnamon into your home maintenance routine can be both beneficial and unexpectedly effective.

The Properties of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is more than just a culinary delight. Originating from Sri Lanka, this spice, derived from the inner bark of cinnamon trees, is packed with therapeutic benefits, including:
Blood Sugar Regulation: Enhances insulin sensitivity, aiding in the management of blood sugar levels.
Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties: Helps reduce bodily inflammation and combats damage caused by free radicals.
Neuroprotective Effects: Some studies suggest cinnamon may reduce the risk of
neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Using Cinnamon as an Ant Repellent

Ants, while common household pests, especially in warmer months, search for food and nesting sites, leading to potential infestations. Cinnamon acts as a natural deterrent due to its potent scent, which is pleasant to humans but overwhelming to ants. This scent disrupts their pheromone trails, essential for communication, thus keeping them away from your home.

How to Apply Cinnamon for Ant Prevention:

Sprinkle Cinnamon: Distribute a small amount of cinnamon powder on floors or surfaces where ant activity is noticed.
Focus on Entry Points: Pay special attention to windows, doors, and any cracks in walls—common entry points for ants.
Create Barriers: For known ant entry spots, apply cinnamon directly to form a protective barrier.

Advantages of Using Cinnamon for Ant Control

Safe and Natural: Cinnamon is a non-toxic, pet and child-friendly option, offering peace of mind compared to chemical repellents.

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Environmentally Friendly: Opting for cinnamon reduces the need for harmful chemicals, aligning with eco-conscious living.

Dual-Purpose: Beyond pest control, cinnamon can also infuse your home with a pleasant aroma.

Important Considerations

While cinnamon is effective as a preventive measure, it may not cure an existing infestation. Identifying and eliminating the source of attraction for ants is crucial, along with thorough cleaning of infested areas. For severe infestations, professional pest control may be necessary.


Cinnamon’s role in the home extends beyond the spice rack, offering a clever and natural method to keep ants at bay. By integrating this spice into your pest control strategy, you can enjoy a home free from chemical repellents and filled with the inviting scent of cinnamon. Whether you’re dealing with the first signs of ants or aiming to prevent future invasions, consider cinnamon as your go-to remedy for a harmonious and pest-free living environment.

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