Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream

Introduction: Indulge in a guilt-free frozen delight with these Weight W Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream. This dessert offers a wholesome twist on the classic Chunky Monkey flavor, providing a satisfying treat for those on the Weight Watchers journey. Packed with protein and mindful ingredient choices, this frozen creation proves that you can enjoy a creamy and decadent dessert while staying committed to your health and wellness goals.

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Ingredients: The success of this Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream lies in the strategic selection of ingredients, ensuring a balance of flavors while keeping the points in check. Key components include:

  1. Protein-Rich Base:
    • Utilizing a protein-rich base, such as Greek yogurt or a protein powder-infused ice cream, adds a satiating element to the dessert.
  2. Bananas:
    • Bananas contribute natural sweetness and a creamy texture to the ice cream, eliminating the need for excessive added sugars.
  3. Dark Chocolate Chunks:
    • Incorporating dark chocolate chunks provides a decadent element while offering antioxidants and a rich chocolatey flavor.
  4. Chopped Walnuts:
    • Chopped walnuts add a delightful crunch and nutty flavor, enhancing the overall texture and paying homage to the traditional Chunky Monkey profile.
  5. Sweetener and Flavor Enhancers:
    • A touch of natural sweetener, such as honey or maple syrup, along with vanilla extract, elevates the flavor without compromising the overall health-conscious approach.

Ice Cream Making Process: Experience the joy of crafting your Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream with these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Freeze the Base:
    • Begin by freezing the protein-rich base. This can be achieved with pre-frozen Greek yogurt or by using an ice cream maker with a protein powder-infused mixture.
  2. Blend the Bananas:
    • In a blender or food processor, blend ripe bananas until they achieve a smooth and creamy consistency. The natural sugars in bananas contribute to the overall sweetness of the ice cream.
  3. Combine and Fold:
    • Mix the frozen protein base with the blended bananas, ensuring a uniform mixture. Fold in dark chocolate chunks and chopped walnuts, distributing them evenly throughout the ice cream.
  4. Sweeten and Flavor:
    • Add a touch of natural sweetener, such as honey or maple syrup, and incorporate vanilla extract to enhance the overall flavor profile.
  5. Freeze to Perfection:
    • Transfer the ice cream mixture into a container and freeze until it reaches the desired consistency. Be sure to stir the mixture occasionally to prevent ice crystals from forming.

Serving and Enjoyment: Savor the moment as you scoop into this Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream, understanding that each bite aligns with your Weight Watchers journey. Garnish with additional dark chocolate chunks and chopped walnuts for a visually appealing and textured finish. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing dessert on a warm day or as a satisfying post-workout treat, this ice cream stands as a testament to the delicious intersection of health and indulgence.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Weight W Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream embodies the spirit of crafting desserts that are both decadent and nutritionally mindful. Revel in the process of creating and savoring this frozen delight, showcasing that a creamy, protein-packed treat can align seamlessly with your commitment to wellness. It’s a celebration of flavor, texture, and the joy of indulgence without compromise.

This Weight W Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream is delicious and healthy ice cream that will keep you full for hours.



  • 2 Banana Cut up or in thirds
  • Two TBSP Simply Delish sugar-free vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 11.5 oz Fairlife vanilla protein shake or shake of choice
  • 2 Splash Vanilla extract
  • 2 Pinch Salt


  • 4 TBSP PB Fit peanut butter powder
  • 2-4 TBSP Water
  • 18 grams Lily’s no sugar added dark chocolate chips Chopped


  1. Add the shake, pudding mix, vanilla extract and salt to the Ninja CREAMi pint
  2. Mix until combined
  3. Then add the banana and place into the freezer for 12 to 24 hours
  4. Place into the Ninja CREAMi and press the light ice cream button 1 to 2 times until creamy
  5. Take the peanut butter powder and the water and slowly add the water until the peanut butter is consistent.
  6. Then add the peanut butter into the center of the pint along with the chopped chocolate chips
  7. Press the mix-in button
  8. Enjoy once all done and creamy


Servings: Makes 2 servings

5 Points® per serving

Nutrition Information:





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